Meta Bot: Rage Against the Humans is an exciting and immersive turn-based strategy game where players engage in fierce battles within an arena using a carefully crafted deck of 3 powerful metabots.

With its innovative web3-based business model, the game offers a rewarding experience for both players and investors. Prepare yourself for a competitive, enriching, and incredibly fun adventure that will keep you engaged for hours on end!

Revolutionize your gaming experience with Meta Bot: Rage Against the Humans and dive into a world where strategy and skill reign supreme. Join the ranks of passionate gamers and savvy investors who are captivated by this groundbreaking gaming phenomenon.

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Cinematic Robots : Our first 6 robots in cinematic quality

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Special attack - Electro Blade Bot : Show you a better vision of our dismembering system

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Special Attack - Tank Bot : It's not just superheroes who wear capes

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Special Attack - Nuke Bot : And it goes "Bim Bam Boom"

  • Claim or purchase your faction metabot to get the « Super Meta Bot » role to get 10% lifetime discount on metabot NFT purchases

  • Grab XP & gold in the #fighting-room and #bossfight channels (XP will be transfered in game)

  • Claim your daily gold reward in the #blackmarket channel and complete quests for gold

Join your faction

  • Spend your gold to purchase items, unique NFT’s or merch in the shops

  • Factions war scheduled every two weeks for exclusive rewards

  • Learn and share experience with a cating community

  • “La Bagarre” is good, “La Bagarre” will bring you to an another exciting world

Quick facts

Unique web3 gaming experience

Community developement focussed on cating player guilds

Controled organic growth

The end of deceptive P2E models

Integration on the polygon blockchain

Generous commission system for both players and investors

Competitive gaming : Cash prices in WETH & weekly tournament giveaways

How to get started ?

Join the Discord !

Accept the rules, select a faction and introduce yourself to the community !

Grab XP on fights and gold in daily claims & quests

Get quartely revenues for holding your Metabots and increase them with the renting feature and the tournament cash prices to come

Buy Metabot NFTs and apply for the alpha !







Jeremy Jacquemin

37 years old, France

Founder – NFTs creator
– 3D Modeler

Yohan Alcala

29 years old, France

Community Manager

Yohann Gerber

37 years old, France


Julien Sion

42 years old, France

Business Development Council

Pierre Fayard

45 years old, France

Dev – QA strategy analyst

Simon Kerguillec

17 years old, France

Dev Discord


25 years old, France

Event Organizer


24 years old, France

QA strategy analyst

Inès Le Bourligu

20 years old, France

Content creator

Yvan Keist

35 years old, Switzerland


Elisa Chassignoux

22 years old, France

Freelance manager

Nicolas Bestieu

46 years old, France

QA strategy analyst

Our team consists of two dedicated full-time members who bring their expertise and commitment to our project. In addition, we are fortunate to have a group of talented contributors who provide invaluable assistance whenever they can, despite having other full-time jobs. These dedicated contributors are rewarded with cryptocurrencies and unique metabot NFTs, ensuring their efforts are recognized and appreciated.

Furthermore, we have established a network of 11 freelance developers specializing in UE5 and 3D modeling. These skilled professionals are compensated in traditional currency, allowing us to tap into their expertise and add depth to our project.

With our diverse and dedicated team, we are able to harness the best of both worlds, combining the passion and dedication of our contributors with the expertise and flexibility of our freelance professionals. Together, we are creating an immersive gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of technology and delivers an unparalleled adventure for players.




The game will be released in 2024 as soon as community and staff consider it is perfectly balanced.
Founders will access the alpha before the end of 2023.

The 8-bits collection will be made up of 70 metabot designs. These 70 designs will be splitted into 5 rarity levels and 6 metabot types.

 All details are provided in the Whitepapper

We currently have two full-time resources on the project and many contributors. We take advantage of freelance resources to develop the game and may hire dedicated staff depending on the project growth.